Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series emulator has been cracked.

Microsoft unveiled a locked-down WinPho7 emulator at MIX10 recently. Windows
Mobile Developer Dan Ardelean, who works out of Italy, announced Friday that he
had hacked into the emulator, which allows users to run the WinPho7 platform on
a full-sized computer.

Microsoft had unveiled the emulator and other products, including Internet
Explorer 9, this week at MIX10, Redmond's conference for Web designers and

Ardelean has taken down the link to his exploit. "I passed from being excited
that I was able to see more to being stressed that Microsoft will be angry about
the leak, but it was only a matter of time until somebody else modified the ROM,"
he told TechNewsWorld. "I really hope there's nothing illegal about it."

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