The CEO of a company accused of making more than $100 million selling harmful
"scareware" antivirus products was already a fugitive from U.S. authorities,
following his arrest in 2008 on criminal counterfeiting charges.

Shaileshkumar "Sam" Jain is one of three men who were charged by the U.S.
Department of Justice on Wednesday for allegedly operating a massive scareware
distribution ring.

He's now thought to reside in Ukraine, but arrived there only after giving
authorities the slip after being arrested by federal agents in 2008 on charges
that his company sold counterfeit versions of Symantec antivirus products. Jain
has been considered a fugitive by U.S. authorities since early 2009, when he
skipped out on a $250,000 bond and failed to show up for a Jan. 12 California
court appearance.

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