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  • I’m as sick of writing about it as you are sick of reading about it. But
    because Facebook has become a societal juggernaut: a massive inexorable force
    that seems to crush everything in its way, we need to discuss it because it’s
    messing with lots of functions of society.

    We should all now know that whatever you post on Facebook is not private. You
    may think it is, but it isn’t. Even though you may have gone through all kinds
    of privacy settings and locked down your profile, Facebook has changed them up
    internally so many times that they may have defaulted to something far less
    private then what you previously set.

    Furthermore, no matter how private you have set them to, if you friend
    someone who you don’t know (like that human resource officer), they see what’s
    “private” and anyone on the “inside” can easily replicate anything you post to
    the world.

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