Hunt Project это набор сетевых утилит для сетевых администраторов и хакеров. Использует «слабые места» в TCP\IP.
Достаточно просто перечислить некоторые функции этой программы:
— connection management
* setting what connections you are interested in
* detecting an ongoing connection (not only SYN started)
* Normal active hijacking with the detection of the ACK storm
* ARP spoofed/Normal hijacking with the detection of successful ARP spoof
* synchronization of the true client with the server after hijacking (so that the connection don’t have to be reset)
* resetting connection
* watching connection
— daemons
* reset daemon for automatic connection resetting
* arp spoof/relayer daemon for arp spoofing of hosts with the ability to relay all packets from spoofed hosts.
* MAC discovery daemon for collecting MAC addresses
* sniff daemon for logging TCP traffic with the ability to search for a particular string
— host resolving
* deferred host resolving through dedicated DNS helper servers.
— packet engine
* extensible packet engine for watching TCP, UDP, ICMP and ARP traffic
* collecting TCP connections with sequence numbers and the ACK storm detection.
— misc.
* determining which hosts are up
— switched environment
* hosts on switched ports can be spoofed, sniffed and hijacked too

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