A group of over 30 national and international computer security groups on
Tuesday released a list of the
25 most
dangerous programming errors
as part of an effort to make the custom
software business more accountable.

For the U.S., where recent cyber attacks against Google and dozens of other
companies have underscored the porousness of computer networks, this is a
welcome development.

"We believe that integrity of hardware and software products is a critical
element of cybersecurity," The Office of the Director of National Intelligence
said in a statement. "Creating more secure software is a fundamental aspect of
system and network security, given that the federal government and the nation's
critical infrastructure depend on commercial products for business operations.
The Top 25 programming errors initiative is an important component of an overall
security initiative for our country. We applaud this effort and encourage the
utility of this tool through other venues such as cyber education."

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