The annual Pwn2Own contest starts today at the CanSecWest conference in
Vancouver, Canada.

In a nutshell, competitors have to demonstrate remote code execution with
minimal user interaction. The first to succeed wins the attacked device (laptop
or mobile phone), $US10,000 cash, and certain benefits.

This year's targets are Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7, Mozilla
Firefox 3 on Windows 7, Google Chrome 4 on Windows 7, and Safari 4 on Mac OS X
Snow Leopard.

That's for the first day of competition. Windows 7 is replaced with Vista on
day two, and XP on day three.

On the mobile phone side, the targets are iPhone (3GS), BlackBerry (Bold
9700), Symbian S60 (Nokia), and Android (Motorola).

What's wrong with media coverage of the Pwn2Own results? Please read on.

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