Here's one more piece of evidence that the Mac isn't the secure, locked-down
system that its proponents claim: The organizer of the Pwn2Own hacking contest
says that Windows 7 is more secure than Snow Leopard, and that Safari will be
the first browser to fall victim in the upcoming hacking contest.

Contest organizer Aaron Portnoy, who is the security research team lead with
3Com TippingPoint, the sponsor of Pwn2Own, told Computerworld's Gregg Keizer

"Safari will be the first to go. [Safari will] be on Snow Leopard, which
isn't on the same level as Windows 7."

Last year at the contest, it took only five seconds for a security researcher
to hijack a Mac by hacking in through Safari. The year previous, it took less
than two minutes to hack in to a Macbook Air --- and once again, Safari proved
to be the security hole.

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