A lot of people complained about the iPad’s closed-off software. But no one
did anything about it — until now, apparently.

A well-known hacker of the iPhone, who previously defeated Apple’s
restrictions on developers, has claimed in a video to have hacked the iPad. Just
a day after release, the hacker, who goes by “MuscleNerd” online, said that he
has gained root access to the iPad, a process known as “ jailbreaking.”

“Jailbreaking” is a technical term which refers literally to limits on
software placed on an operating system and more figuratively to the feelings
developers have about such restrictions. An Apple device that’s been
“jailbroken” can run any code, not just company-approved software available
through its online stores. But such jailbreaking is a violation of Apple’s terms
of service, which may mean Apple Stores will refuse to fix broken devices.

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