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  • ICSA Labs says that four out of five security products it tests fail to
    deliver the basic functionality of their design, and that 40 percent are
    inherently insecure. The report says more is needed in security product quality
    control, but will vendors hear the message before end users are filled with

    Bulletproof security is a practical impossibility. Anyone who claims to have
    perfected the art of security is either a fool or a liar, since no security
    product or schema is foolproof or invincible. What security promises is risk
    mitigation; assuming that security technology works as advertised. And that’s
    the unspoken problem that undermines security effectiveness, says ICSA Labs.

    According to ICSA, nearly 80 percent of all security products it’s tested
    over the last two decades have failed to work as intended during the first round
    of testing. On average, it takes two to four rounds of testing for a product to
    earn the lab’s certification and even then they have trouble maintaining their

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