Employees know it's illegal to steal company data, but they're prepared to do
it anyway. Companies know their employees are a chief threat to their data, but
most aren't doing much about it.

These are the takeaways from two separate studies published today by security
vendors Cyber-Ark and Actimize. Taken together, the studies paint a sobering
picture of the state of trust and security within the corporate walls.

In its study, Cyber-Ark surveyed some 600 workers in the financial districts
of New York and London and found that most workers are not shy about taking work
home -- and keeping it for their own use.

Eighty-five percent of the respondents to the Cyber-Ark survey said they know
it is illegal to download company data for personal use, but 41 percent said
they already have taken sensitive data with them to a new position. About a
third of respondents said they would share sensitive information with friends or
family in order to help them land a job.

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