Many IT managers swear by the following rule: never deploy a version of
Windows until the first service pack has been released. That way you can be sure
that any huge bugs have been resolved before committing to the new platform.

However, in the case of Windows 7, Microsoft is hoping that you'll throw
caution to the wind and roll it out anyway. And given the lack of drama
emanating from early adopters - true deal-breaker bugs have been few and far
between with Windows 7 - some techies will be tempted to ignore their thumbs for
a change and take a chance on the RTM build.

However, for the majority of Microsoft's corporate customers, the 'wait until
SP1' mentality will prevail (once burned, twice shy), which is why they'll be
happy to learn that the first inklings of a public SP1 beta program are
beginning to emerge.

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