The recent cracks of the A5/1 and A5/3 encryption systems seen on GSM and 3G
cellular networks has resulted in an unexpected surge in sales of encrypted
mobile broadband data software.

As reported by Infosecurity late last month, a research team cracked the A5/1
crypto security system on which around 80% of the world's cellular phones rely.
Then just a week ago, another team of researchers similarly cracked the more
advanced A5/3 encryption system, which is widely used by 3G networks and
handsets around the world.

Both researchers produced large multi-terabyte sized tables that could allow
hackers to decode cellular calls on-the-fly, although not in real time,
Infosecurity understands.

And, says the Gold Line Group, an Israeli producer of mobile encryption
software – which allows PCs to encrypt and decrypt data in real time for
transmission over a cellular connection – this has resulted in sales of its
cellular encryption software taking off.

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