Microsoft is all over the news this week, but unfortunately for the company,
it's for the wrong reasons. Early this week it was revealed that a security flaw
in Internet Explorer caused opened the way for cyber attacks on Google users and
some corporate networks. Now officials in France and Germany are advising its
citizens it is best to avoid using IE until at least until Microsoft patches the
IE vulnerability.

The company is also facing growing discontent over its handling of Windows
Mobile and the possibility of it offering two versions of the smartphone
software, rather than one. Even Microsoft's online division, led by Bing, is
under fire over privacy concerns. Needless to say, it's a difficult time for

As difficult as it might be now, it won't end until Redmond gets its act
together and starts working towards addressing the many troubles that are
plaguing it. This isn't the late 1990s or the beginning of the past decade when
Microsoft was unchallenged as the dominant force in the industry.

Today, its power is being challenged by other huge companies, including
Google and Apple. Worst of all, those companies are doing a fine job of
providing a compelling alternative most products that Microsoft offers.

Time is running out for Microsoft. The longer it waits to address its many
issues, the worse its chance will be of overcoming them. But the first step is
identifying those troubles. So let's take a look at the problems Microsoft needs
to address in its operation.

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