BlackBerry has gained a reputation in the mobile space during the past decade
or so as the "most secure" handheld device and mobile platform available. That's
largely due to RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) software for corporate
e-mail deployments, which has earned high-level security certifications from
some of the world's most demanding information-security organizations, including
the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); Canada's
Communication Security Establishment (CSE); and the U.K.'s Communications
Electronic Security Group (CESG), among others.

That's all fine and good for corporations looking to secure infrastructure
and resources associated with their BlackBerry deployments. But no amount of
security certifications can make up for an uninformed and/or careless BlackBerry

That's why, as a BlackBerry smartphone owner, you need to do your part to
keep your device, and all the information on it, secure; whether you're a
corporate BlackBerry user on a BES or a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)
customer, you can manage a number of quick and easy security safeguards on your
own...and you'd be wise to do so if you'd prefer that personal and/or sensitive
data on your device remains "for your eyes only."

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