PayPal users have reacted angrily to the suspension of Cryptome's account by
the e-payment company and are using Cryptome's website to display their emails,
cancelling their PayPal accounts.Although PayPal has now restored Cryptome's
account, it was suspended for several days following Microsoft's action against
the whistle-blowing site and the temporary shutdown of Cryptome by its hosting
company.Faced with criticism over its heavy-handed approach, Microsoft claimed
afterwards that it had not wished Cryptome to be shut down "While Microsoft has
a good faith belief that the distribution of the file that was made available at
that address infringes Microsoft's copyrights, it was not Microsoft's intention
that the takedown request result in the disablement of web access to the entire website on which the file was made available," said the company's
counsel, Evan Cox.

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