It looks like Steve Jobs is no longer alone in his crusade to rid the world
of Adobe's video player software Flash, as the adult video industry turns
towards the open HTML5 standard.

Conceivably Tech has spoken to the founder of web porn giant Digital
Playground (DP) who reckons his company will be dropping Flash like a stone as
soon as the major browsers all support HTML5.

DP's Ali Joone already has a foothold in the world of HTML5 having moved his
mobile streams to the open format in order to circumvent Apple's 'no porn on
iTunes' policy. DP has been streaming smut to an iPhone near you for more than
two years and it's only a matter of time before the grown-up Internet follows

"HTML5 is the future," he says. “We are waiting for browsers to catch up. As
soon as they are ready, we will move everything.”

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