The coming May 2010 automated election is surrounded by controversy and a
number of technological fears. It all started with the defacement of some
government websites and now the much talked about importation of 5,000 jamming
devices. All these sounded new to the ordinary people, but to those who belong
to the I.T. industry - especially those who are involved in security knows that
cyber attacks happen everyday, and the impact / cost is staggering.

In a report “In the Crossfire: Critical Infrastructure in the Age of Cyberwar”,
commissioned by McAfee and authored by the Center for Strategic and
International Studies (CSIS) found that the risk of cyberattack is rising.
Despite a growing body of legislation and regulation, more than a third of IT
executives (37%) said the vulnerability of their sector had increased over the
past 12 months and two-fifths expect a major security incident in their sector
within the next year. Only 20% think their sector is safe from serious
cyberattack over the next five years.

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