Malware and financial fraud were among the chief "growth threats" posed to
businesses in 2009, according to a new study from the Computer Security
Institute that will be published next week.

CSI's 14th annual security survey, which will be distributed in conjunction
with a free Dec. 1 Webcast, covers a wide range of issues related to security
management, including current threats, data loss statistics, and trends in
technology usage.

Respondents reported big jumps in the incidence of financial fraud (19.5
percent, over 12 percent last year); malware infection (64.3 percent, over 50
percent last year); denials of service (29.2 percent, over 21 percent last year),
password sniffing (17.3 percent, over 9 percent last year); and Web site
defacement (13.5 percent, over 6 percent last year).

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