Malware (malicious software) continues to be the No 1 threat to personal
computers, according to Security Intelligence Report version 8 (SIRv8), released
by Microsoft Corp.

It showed that software worms accounted for 27.8% of all infected computer
systems, followed by trojan software (16.6%), with miscellaneous other
potentially dangerous software (including browser modifiers and remote-control
programs) at 13.8%.

Jacqueline Peterson-Jarvis, Microsoft Asia-Pacific's regional security and
privacy lead, said SIRv8 revealed that four out of every 1,000 computers scanned
in Malaysia were infected by malware during the second half of last year.

"Although, this figure is significantly lower than the worldwide average of
seven out of every 1,000 PCs, it is still cause for concern," she said.

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