BlackBerry and smartphone security in general hasn't garnered much attention
or concern over the past few year, at least from a consumer, or user,
perspective. Enterprises have been invested in mobile device security since the
advent of the PDA.

But that's going to have to change, thanks largely to the vast number of
consumers embracing new, flashy smartphones like Apple's iPhone, Motorola's
Droid and Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Bold 9700.

This plethora of new smartphone users means the potential for gain by hackers
or other online baddies looking to crack smartphone security measures is
drastically increasing. The more smartphone users, the more devices that could
potentially be commandeered and used in various attacks. That means smartphone
users are going to have to smarten up when it comes to mobile security awareness
and be more vigilant in spotting and stopping potential problems before they

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