The maker of Energizer brand batteries is continuing to serve its customers a
file laced with a data-stealing trojan more than 24 hours after the company was
notified of the threat and almost two weeks after it promised to fix the problem.

A spokeswoman for Energizer Holdings acknowledged receiving a voicemail
Wednesday night informing her the trojan was being offered for download on one
of the company's European websites. She said she didn't respond to the message
because of the late hour at which it was left, and never saw an article
reporting that two anti-virus firms had confirmed the site continued to offer
the toxic file 12 days after the company promised to stamp it out.

"More than half the time I call a reporter back, the story's already run,"
she told The Register on Thursday afternoon. "I find it a little odd that
someone would call someone at 9:30 at night. That is not within normal business

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