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  • An unreleased movie about the life of infamous hacker Adrian Lamo has leaked
    to BitTorrent. The movie, titled Hackers Wanted, failed to get a conventional
    release following alleged conflicts between its producer and others on the team.
    Lamo has been telling TorrentFreak how he feels about this unofficial release.

    According to ‘Hackers Wanted’ director Sam Bozzo, the movie was set to
    explore the differences between true hackers and today’s “computer criminals”
    and would follow the lives of hackers who found themselves arrested after
    pointing out security holes in computer systems.

    “Commonly thought of as computer criminals and vandals, a true hacker is an
    innovative thinker able to “hack” himself out of a given problem or situation,
    whether it be computer related or not,” Bozzo explained.

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